What paper quality fits my printer?

There are many different types of paper. Plain paper for everyday use, photo paper, either glossy or matte and the differences between them vary, 100 or 120 gram paper for more official documents and finally colored paper for use e.g. green card for insurance or paper for notaries. 

The most used paper is the 80 gram one that can work well either with a laser printer or an inkjet. There are MANY differences between papers in terms of their quality. A printer’s enemy is poor quality paper.

If we put "bad" paper on our printer, different problems will follow, such as:

1. It will not pull the paper.

2. The wheels (pick up roller) that pull the paper get dirty with white powder and as a result our printer does not work properly.

3. To "chew" the paper and as a result the user tries to remove it by cutting it into small pieces.

Tips for good operation of our printer:

  • We choose 80g paper from professionals of the kind who know paper qualities.
  • Be careful paper not to be exposed to moisture for example, because a problem will definitely follow.
  • When paper gets stuck, NEVER pull it sharply and NEVER put sharp objects to pull a piece out especially on laser printers.