We keep hearing about Refurbished products but how many of us actually understand what these products are?

By Refurbished we mean second-hand products eg a printer or a computer in which the problematic parts (if any) have been completely changed and after a thorough inspection by The Printers Pro our customer receives a fully functional product with a 2-year warranty for computers and 1 year warranty for printers and monitors.

Would you rather buy Refurbished products?

If you have already worked with our company (you already know the answer). If you are a potential customer then the answer is definitely YES!

But why should I prefer these products?

  •  Of course the low cost in relation to the purchase of a corresponding new one.
  • Excellent quality and appearance.
  • 2 years or 1 year warranty depending on our product category.
  • After sale services / support which really gets rid of printing problems. (How many times have you been disappointed with the support of new machines?)