How many of us, whether we have a printer at home or at work, have not been denied the command to print while we were in a hurry and saw on screen a message saying "PAPER JAM", or "Open the paper door and remove the jammed paper ”?

So let's look at a few tips on how to minimize this risk:

  • We use good quality paper.

Printing papers aren’t all the same! There are different grades of paper (eg recycled or common). They are also divided according to weight, e.g. 75gr or 80gr, which is ideal for everyday printing.

  •  Be careful how you remove paper.

If the paper gets stuck in our printer and we pull it sharply, there are several risks for our printer, such as breaking a sensor or scratching the surface of our laser printer (putting something sharp, e.g. pens, clips etc.).

The solution most often is to remove it by pulling it with very gentle moves so that we do not cut it and then "cry".  Of course, after first removing the toner-drum / inks depending on the type of our printer.

  • Regular maintenance of our printer.

Yes, yes you read well !!! Printers need maintenance at least once a year, depending of course on usage. But why? Very simply because every time we send a print and our printer pulls the paper on the wheels that turn it, it is left with white powder that leaves dirt on the rubber bands, resulting in not pulling the paper properly. In short, it is like driving our car in mud!