Many times we hear about compatible (imitation), as most say, consumables and we wonder: Is it a good choice? Are they quality? Do they work properly? Will my printer be damaged?

Here, we will answer all your questions.

By compatible consumables we mean consumables manufactured by a third party, and not by the parent company, with all the specifications of good operation, as most companies have ISO certifications.

To the question if they are of good quality and work properly, the answer is, of course, provided that you have chosen certified products and tested by experts in the field, who do not set price as primary criterion. Of course, purchase price also plays an important role, but at the same time we should take into account the quality of consumables, e.g. the print quality or how many pages will be printed.

As printing machine technicians for the last 15 years, we have encountered several problems in various customers we visited regarding damages because of improper consumables of cheap construction. Of course, everything can be solved! The issue is though that it costs!

At The Printers Pro we prefer to see our customers once a year for a simple maintenance of their printer, because that is all they will need, if they use our own consumables!

The criteria for selecting compatible consumables are strictly met by our technical department, so that you always have peace of mind and print without fear!

Place your order and enjoy carefree prints!