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22 Dec Do compatible consumables work properly?
Toylias Thodoris 0 393
Many times we hear about compatible (imitation), as most say, consumables and we wonder: Is it a good choice? Are they quality? Do they work properly? Will my printer be damaged?Here, we will answer a..
22 Dec Reasons why a printer paper jam CAN’T occur.
0 594
How many of us, whether we have a printer at home or at work, have not been denied the command to print while we were in a hurry and saw on screen a message saying "PAPER JAM", or "Open the paper door..
30 Sep Tips for good printer operation
Toylias Thodoris 0 431
Tips for good printer operationWhether you have a printer-multi-machine inkjet or laser technology, the following tips will definitely help you make your machine function to its maximum.Tips: Beware o..
30 Sep What paper quality fits my printer?
Toylias Thodoris 0 635
What paper quality fits my printer?There are many different types of paper. Plain paper for everyday use, photo paper, either glossy or matte and the differences between them vary, 100 or 120 gram pap..
30 Nov What type of printer should I choose?
Toylias Thodoris 0 780
The right type of printer is different for each user as the needs of users vary.Printers are divided into 2 main categories: inkjet printers (liquid ink printers) and toner laser printers.In the first..
30 Nov What are Refurbished Products and why should I prefer them?
Toylias Thodoris 0 601
We keep hearing about Refurbished products but how many of us actually understand what these products are?By Refurbished we mean second-hand products eg a printer or a computer in which the problemati..
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